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Through my Feng Shui consultation, I support you in using the full potential of your space, regardless of whether you live in a house or an apartment.

By making a few, often small changes, I help you to create a harmonious connection with your rooms so that you can fully enjoy your personal happiness and quality of life.

Furnishing your living space according to Feng Shui doesn't just mean a change in appearance. Above all, you will feel the change. Get more energy and quality of life in your life with a Feng Shui consultation.

On average, we spend around 70-90% of our time indoors.

  • We spend 11-16 hours of the day at home
  • Almost 50% of companies offer "home office"
  • On average, we spend 8.5 hours a day in bed
  • The time it takes to cook a meal is between 30-90 minutes
  • We take between 15 and 60 minutes to eat
  • We spend most of our free time at home
where do we spend our time?

"Home is where love lives, memories are born, friends are always welcome, where life learns to dance & a smile is always waiting for you." - [unknown author]

How do you feel in your apartment?

  • I can't find peace and feel uncomfortable
  • I lack the strength to make changes
  • I have recurring health problems
  • I find it hard to concentrate and get tired quickly
  • I can't sleep well
  • We often argue about small things
OK in your apartment?

Do some of the statements also apply to you?

Has it ever occurred to you that it could be due to the energy within your own four walls?

Our living environment has a strong influence on us. As with Chinese acupuncture, a feng shui consultation according to classical feng shui can also resolve disturbances and align energies in such a way that they optimally support and promote our personal, energetic needs.

You can influence your own happiness: arrange your apartment or house according to Feng Shui. I will be happy to help you.

"We cannot change the wind, but we can change the sails." [Aristotele]

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How would it feel if...

  • you like being at home and feel at ease?
  • you can relax in your favorite place in your home?
  • You can start the day refreshed and invigorated?
  • You can tackle changes with energy and drive?
  • You feel harmonious at home?
  • You can keep things tidy more easily?
  • You receive recognition and appreciation for your work?
How would it feel if..…?

It is possible!

Feng Shui masters in China were already familiar with the positive effects of a harmonious space in ancient times. We here in Europe can also make use of this millennia-old knowledge.

By applying the Feng Shui principles of classical Feng Shui in my consultations, I can create a harmonious and supportive environment for each individual resident that promotes well-being and health.

We are connected to the spaces around us, whether we realize it or not. Take your chance and actively influence what surrounds you. You can influence your own happiness through a Feng Shui consultation

Feng Shui consultation

Can I also use Feng Shui for my living situation?

apartment or house

Feng shui for your apartment or house

A Feng Shui consultation can analyze the existing energetic potential of your apartment or house and adapt it to the individual needs of the residents. There are possible solutions for every living situation in order to achieve the most positive influences possible through Feng Shui despite restrictions.

house construction

Feng Shui for your house construction

New construction projects in particular offer the unique opportunity to optimize both the house and the outdoor facilities according to Feng Shui criteria right from the planning stage. Feng Shui can be applied to any type of house. Whether prefabricated houses, solid houses, wooden houses, bungalows, terraced houses, detached houses and semi-detached houses.


Garden Feng Shui

The potential of the garden can be calculated and optimally promoted through a precise analysis using the systems of classical Feng Shui. Access routes, entrances and garbage cans are given just as much attention as the planning of paths, positioning of water, arrangement of recreational areas or the correct placement for the trampoline.

What you can expect from my Feng Shui consultation:

Personal and individual
  • Personal and individual consultation on site
  • Individual solutions based on your needs
  • Support/guidance even after the consultation has been completed
Analysis of the current state
  • Analysis of the current state according to the methods of classical Feng Shui
  • Floor plan of the results
  • Written elaboration with examples
Bound elaboration
  • Bound elaboration with analysis and room concept presentation
  • Concrete implementation recommendations
  • Priority list for step-by-step implementation

Feng Shui with Daniela Schaefer

passionate Feng Shui master

I am Daniela Schaefer, a passionate Feng Shui master and interior designer. This unique combination enables me to understand and optimize both the aesthetic and energetic aspects of spaces.

With a deep passion for the harmony of space and energy, I am dedicated to improving my clients' quality of life through the design of living and working spaces.

I firmly believe that the environment in which we live and work has a profound impact on our wellbeing and success. Therefore, I work closely with my clients to understand their individual needs and goals.

My approach is holistic, and I create spaces that not only work and look beautiful, but also nurture the best potentials and dissolve blockages. I see myself not only as a consultant, but also as a companion on your journey to create a harmonious and inspiring living environment. Every project is an opportunity for me to develop creative solutions and enhance my clients' quality of life.

Let's bring more energy and quality of life into your four walls together with Feng Shui!

What my customers say...

Elke R.

"We wanted to create a harmonious home in our new apartment where we feel comfortable. We wanted to use elements from FengShui to incorporate these positive energies.

Daniela explained the basic ideas of feng shui to us very clearly and comprehensibly and how she applies them in her work. We really liked how intensively she dealt with our living environment and our wishes and needs. The suggestions and design ideas she gave us were very tailored to us and always included a certain amount of leeway. We were always surprised by her unusual yet easy-to-implement solutions.

In the end, we had an appealing all-round concept in our hands. The discussions with her took place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. She used very empathetic questions to find out what is important to us in terms of living and our lifestyle, what our characteristics are and where we see problems or challenges. She had us both equally in mind in order to make the best possible arrangements for us when designing our home. We felt very well advised!"

Alexa H.

"Thank you very much for your valuable Feng Shui consultation. My initial concern "maybe our apartment doesn't suit us and we will want to move out after the Feng Shui consultation" was already dispelled by you during our first conversation: 'Everything can, nothing must'. This was a very valuable sentence for me. In your detailed booklet about our home, you then used your extensive calculations to show us what would be beneficial for our home and our family, how we can prioritize the changes and how we can increase the positive energies and clean or change "places or corners" whose energies are not so beneficial for us.

The picture examples you collected in the booklet were also very helpful for our practical implementation. It was incredible how, for example, the position of the desk immediately had an effect on an easier flow when working. The color change in our eat-in kitchen through small details also made the atmosphere much more inviting and energetically clearer - guests noticed this change positively as soon as they entered the room and asked in amazement: What has happened here? It's so much brighter and friendlier here! I also found your information at the turn of the year wonderful, which reminded us to keep at it and take the next steps towards change. Your advice was an absolute winner for our existing apartment - what would be the positive impact if you were to accompany us from the very beginning of a new build? I would hire you in a heartbeat 😉 All the best to you and your company, Alexa H"

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